Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sailor's 1st Halloween!

We had a full, fun night. We began, of course, at Nana's with the gang. We then followed Heather, Bruce, Peyton and Colton to the Church for "Trunk or Treat". There we got to see lots of friends and got lots of compliments on how Cute Sailor is and How cute her costume was. We were especially excited that Sailor got to meet Addison Richards and her mom and dad. We went through birthing classes together!! We then headed out to see Vicki, followed by Mrs. Karen and ended the night with a visit to Granny Wanda's. We has a great time. We can't wait to do it all over again next year!

Beamer was so sad that he could not go Trick or Treating but he really loved the pink poodle suit!!

Peyton was the "Cereal" Killer and Colton a ninja

We have no idea who these witches are??

Me, Sailor, Addison and Suzanne Richards

All of us with Nana and I'm not sure what Addison calls Ann, her grandmother!

Mommy, Sailor, Prissie and Aunt Bick (Vicki Gunter)

Sailor with a very ugly witch!

Heather Sailor and Karen Miller

Granny Wanda and Sailor


Jeremy and Lacy said...

She is so cute and growing so much! I know that we enjoyed Halloween so much more with a little one around, so I am sure that you did too! I love her costume!

Lindsey said...

it looks like sailor definitely made her rounds ha! man that makes me miss being in rockwood :( ha

Anonymous said...

she looks like a little beanie baby!!!

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Whew, what a busy night! Looks like you all had fun! I would love to be able to visit Rockwood for Halloween again one year. So many memories! Sailor looks so stinking cute as a little pink poodle! I love the costume!

Wadsworth Family- said...

She is the cutest poodle I've ever seen!I bet ya'll had lots of fun.