Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Elf Yourself!!!

O.K. I have been really bad with keeping up lately. Life has become full of choices. Do I??? Do the Laudry? Do the dishes? Cook supper? Sweep? Dust? Sometimes I even have to decide between taking a shower or eating. So needless to say blogging has not been tops on the list. Anyway, I enjoy seeing everyone and keeping up.
Please, please, please check out this sight and make sure to watch it through Sailor comes back at the end. It is great, thanks aunt Heather, Peyton and Colton!!!">

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Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Oh Nikki I feel your pain about having to make choices... It seems like all I do is access the situation to see what I should do when. Right now the biggest challenge is doing thing when Connor is napping rather than awake. Man it is a challenge! Love the elves!