Monday, March 24, 2008

Sailor met the Easter Bunny!

Joe, Sailor and I ventured off Saturday night to meet the Easter Bunny. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. We got to the mall at 7:45p.m. They closed at 8:00p.m. After waiting in line it was 8:05 and they ran out of photo paper with the kid right in front of us. They said sorry we can't sell anymore packages. I said well can I just sit her in his lap really quick and snap a few with my camera? They actually had to go ask their supervisor but eventually said o.k. I am sure the bunny was none to happy considering his shift ended about 10 minutes previously but at least you could not tell if he was smiling or not unlike our experience with Santa! Anyway I was just as happy because those package "deals" are expensive and I think my camera did just fine. I even got several poses.

O.K. mom enough already lets get outta here!


Jeremy and Lacy said...

Too cute, I love her outfit!

Lindsey said...

that easter bunny is a bit scary if i must say so myself hahah!

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Way to go! I think that is awesome! You got a great deal getting to take them yourself. We did the same thing and got there just in time, but they didnt run out of paper. I wish they had because I was so mad that I paid $20 for some 4x6's that were awful. Brad said he thought our bunny was scary too! I think that I agree... Sailor did well!