Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sailor and Brighton August 2010

O.K. so it's been so long since I've changed my heading picture that I have obviously forgotten how. Anyway I hope to figure it out and get Brighton's extreme close up off of there. Sailor and Brighton both had birthday's in August and here are some of my favorite new pictures! Well there are a little more than a few. For some reason my computer is actually running fast tonight so I just could not resist.


Tara said...

Nikki these are the BEST pictures! Absolutely goregeous. I know I dont have to tell you that.. How do you decide which ones to hang up? Your children are the cutest and so photogenic!

Mr. and Mrs. Reckard said...

Absolutely adorable. Who is your photographer?

LeeAnn said...

Hi Nikki, just saw these and they are sooo cute! What little models! Hope you all are doing great.