Tuesday, January 22, 2008

O.K. Tara, here goes...
1. Sailor is the best thing that has ever happened to me and Joe. She is my breath of fresh air, reason to; be healthy, work hard, and live for the Lord.

2. I can always count on her to make me smile. She is learning and changing so fast right now but one thing that has stayed consistent since she learned it is to always smile on cue. Sometimes she will be crying and fussing and you can look at her and smile big, she will return the smile then go back to crying. Really the only time she is fussy is when she is REALLY hungry or REALLY tired. I capitalize really because it has to be extreme for her to fuss.
3. Sailor has more than doubled her size in 5 months. It is so hard for me to believe that less than 5 months ago Sailor was half her size. It is sad to me that it is hard for me to remember what she felt like to hold being that small. This is amazing to see how fast time flies and how quickly you are able to forget little things such as this.

4. Sailor is trying new foods. It is so great for me to get to watch her experience new things. She is getting better with coordinating her oral motor movements and is becoming more controlled with her tongue and lips every time we eat. She has tried apples, peaches, pears and bananas so far as well as rice cereal. Each time she tries something new I think it is going to be her favorite. It could just be that she is improving her skills. I have to say she was literally attacking the spoon when she got bananas.

5. Sailor is learning so much and is getting so strong. She is sitting so well in her bumbo seat and is so close to rolling completely over by herself. That crazy old arm just gets in the way every time and seems to just get stuck underneath her. She is able to hold toys and pass them back and forth between her hands. Everything goes straight to the taste test right now. She will taste it, look at it and most of the time taste it again like she is trying to figure out if she likes it.

6. Sailor is also a sleeper. I tend to want to knock on wood every time I say this. This is like the burning question now for people to ask. "Is she sleeping good?" I always answer yes. I have to wake her up in the morning around 6:00a.m. for her to eat and begin the day. Just like Connor, She always greets me with a smile. I love this and can't wait to wake her up so I can see that beautiful smile. I am not sure where she gets this from because Joe and I are neither happy campers in the morning. People I work with joke about how they do not ask me anything before 10a.m. because I usually do not talk before then. I have to say I have gotten better since motherhood.

7. Sailor has become my little drooler. No teeth yet but we are going through bibs like crazy. They get soaked so quickly. She will chew so hard on whatever she is playing with but her favorite thing to chew is my finger, it must just taste good.

8. Sailor must taste good too speaking of things that taste good. Beamer, our Weimeraner, loves to lick her. I say she must taste like chicken. If she has an exposed limb...foot, hand, but most of all it is the face he will just lick her and she just, of course, smiles. I have a feeling Beamer and Sailor will become better buddies as she begins to eat more and more because he will not have to scavenge so hard on the floor for edible items.

9. Sailor is tough as nails already. Joe will probably kill me for writing this but here goes anyway. The other night, I here this enormous crash and Sailor's bouncy seat is tumbling down the stairs. She was not in it, thank the Lord. That isn't the half of it, Joe and Sailor are tumbling after it. Beware of hardwood, dust, mostly dog hair probably and socks. We are now only to go up and down the stairs barefoot or with shoes...no socks. The bad thing is I did the exact same thing when she was a couple of weeks old. I felt horrible and I know he did too. Luckily we were both at the bottom of the stairs when we slipped and we held her tight both times. Sometimes between me and Joe I think she does not stand a chance. Sailor and Joe were both fine. A little red area on her head and a big bruise on Joe's back.

10. Sailor is showing signs of liking sports already too. She goes to watch daddy play in Oak Ridge. She will just sit and follow all the guys up and down the floor, back and forth. If you turn her around to face you, she cranks her neck around towards the game because she does not want to miss it. She does the same thing at Peyton and Colton's games too. I think this is a good sign. Yes, it could mean that she will be a really good cheerleader, which there is nothing wrong with that either!! She also loves to sit on the couch and watch sports with her daddy. She will sit for as long as he does and just gaze at the T.V. I am not sure about that one yet.

11. Sailor will always have 2 special boys to look after her. I feel sure that if she ever needs anything those too will always be there for her. They already do so much to help. They always ask if I need help with anything when we get out of the car when always before they would just stroll on in. Colton already said if anyone, meaning boy, ever messed with his little cousin he would kick them "you know where", only he told us where. Peyton just recently earned his black belt so I think she will feel safe with those two.

12. Sailor already has nicknames, she is my "Turkey Burger" and Joe's "Sailor May". I have no idea where these came from but they have stuck!

13. I am beginning to believe people more and more that Sailor looks like me. I sit and try to find something about her that looks like Joe and it is really hard. I told him better luck next time. It might help if we had baby pics, but Granny Wanda can't seem to find them. I am a little older than Sailor in this one but I am having some trouble with my scanner and most of my younger one's are blurry.

This has been one of my most favorite blogs so far!!!Thanks Tara for the great idea, I can't wait to write more as Sailor grows, learns and changes each day!


Lindsey said...

so that makes me want to go right now and have a baby :) thanks for sharing nikki.. and you are right, she looks EXACTLY like you! love the pic of yall in the hats :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing with all of us nikki...she does look like a carbon copy of you!!

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I loved reading this post! We will have to update this every once in a while because they can change so much just in a few months. Sailor sounds like a very happy and content little girl! She does look just like you! Oh my gosh! It is the same for Connor, it is a miniature Brad in diapers! Ha!

The Clifton Family said...

I can't believe how much she looks like you, Nikki! Wow. Enjoy that stage.. once they are moving, watch out!

Bruce and Heather Robinette said...

I loved reading this and watching you experience these things with Sailor! I know the boys will always look after her as we all will. One last comment though...about the cheerleader thing...well you know my opinion!!!

Amy Griffin said...

That is a great post. She is beautiful. Don't worry about the step thing, Jonathan did the same to Ella at 2 weeks - only he let go of her. She is just fine! Again, wonderful post and beautiful little girl.