Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beamer Meets Sailor!

Sailor's 1st Doctor visit was on Saturday. She had to be there at 8:00a.m. We were right on time, definitely not early. We will be getting up earlier next time because we were really rushed out the door not knowing how long it would take for the three of us to get ready. Her check up went great. It was just routine due to her being considered premature by 1 day.
Beamer loves to lick Sailor, she must really taste great!
He also likes to just lay beneath her cradle, we think he may be protecting her.

The 3 of us just fit on the love seat. I tried to get a full length picture but my arm wasn't long enough to hold the camera out.


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

The car seat is great in green! Dont you just love it! I love the last picture, enjoy her being little! Connor is getting so big that there isnt any room for even 2 of us on the loveseat! I love the cradle and bedding, so cute!

Anonymous said...

i am so impressed with all the posts!!! you are already super MOM!! she is changing so much in all the pictures..

Jeremy and Lacy said...

That is so sweet that Beamer sleeps under her cradle, our bulldog does the same thing!! I agree with JD, you are doing amazing to get all of these posts up! We are all enjoying the pictures sooo much!