Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My big girl bed!

Sailor is already one week old. I can hardly believe it. Today she got to lay in her crib for the first time, just for a few pictures. She has lots of toys in there to play with. My new duck is so soft, thanks Aunt Heather.

Just look at all the fish!

I love my sea horse, thanks Nana.


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Oh my goodness, she has changed so much! She is beautiful and looks just like the Henleys so far that I can tell. I bet the family is so excited! It looks like you all have settled in well! I hope your first week went well and you are getting so much needed rest! You guys look like naturals!

Katie said...

All of these pictures are so adorable!

Anonymous said...

how cute!!! she looks so long!!!!

Jeremy and Lacy said...

AHHH...I just love her! I hope you are enjoying her as much as we are enjoying our little one!!