Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a big Halloween this year. We began the night at Nana's where Sailor got a dog dressed as a witch that sings "ghouls just want to have fun" and a doll dressed as a witch! After Nana's we headed to the church for "Trunk or Treat". Sailor had so much fun going from car to car getting lots of candy. She also got to see lots of her friends that helped her along the way! After Trunk or Treat we headed to Granny Wanda's where Sailor got a bag full of goodies such as an animal puzzle that by the way makes noises when you turn the lights on and off in the house, lots of gummies, animal crackers, gold fish, a Rockwood hat and best of all a gift certificate to Mickey D's to get a happy meal! We ended the night with a late night trick of treat to our friends Buddy and Lisa's new house who are just about to have their own little trick or treater due later this month. Needless to say Sailor was wiped out and asleep before we even got home! We had a great night. Oh yeah, my camera died at the church so we did not get any pictures past that stop! Happy Halloween!

On the porch ready for the night!

Showing off her new witch at Nana's

I love my singing dog! "Ghouls just want to have fun"

Colton, AKA Indiana Jones, and Sailor the witch!
Trick or Treat

Sailor and Addie

Sailor and Brooke


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Now that is the prettiest witch I ever saw! Looks like it was a fun year for you guys!

Anonymous said...

she so cute!!! she looks more and more like you everyday! lisa and buddy bought the house right behind us!

Jeremy and Lacy said...

She is the cutest witch ever! Looks like you had a fun filled night! We only made it to two houses..Sailor is such a trooper!