Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chuck E Cheese and Sushi!

A note to all moms and expecting moms...Avoid Chuck E. Cheese, especially on Holiday's that happen to fall on a Saturday!!! For Valentine's day Joe and I decided Sailor had enough "stuff" so instead of buying her a Valentine gift we would just take her to Chuck E. Cheese. I should say Nana convinced us to take her to Chuck E. Cheese, but that is beside the point. Anyway, usually when going to eat anywhere if there is a line or wait we generally turn around at the door because we know better...not this time! We did not know there were rules at Chuck E Cheese, like order, then get seated, so we ventured off to find a seat and everything said reserved. We eventually saw some nice people leaving a table so we bussed it ourselves got seated then proceeded to order which was another huge line! We did shoot basketball, roll the skiball, my personal favorite, and ride on some rides...see below, while we waited for our pizza. Aside from some kid stealing our tickets at the skiball, the games were actually pretty fun. The food was good, but Sailor and I pretty much love pizza anywhere. The biggest disapointment of the experience was the non-emphysis on the band which does no longer include Fatz or Mitzi, it is now Munch's make believe band which, pardon me , but is really no good. You could hardly hear them and they don't even raise and lower the curtain. I am pretty sure they had to be in violation of fire code because you could hardly breath in there, much less move. So, all and all, we did have a good time and I am really surprised the crowd did not bother me more. Anyway moms, make your own decision but Chuck E. Cheese is no Show Biz Pizza!
After our long afternoon, we went to American Signature and picked out Sailor's grown up bed she will be getting sometime soon. She has decided to donate her crib to her little brother or sister because she loves it so much she can't stand the thoughts of the baby not getting to use it!!! Anyway, then we all got to experience Sunrise Supermarket, an asian grocery store, beside Books-a-million! We really did not know what much of anything was in there but I did recognize the smell, the aquarium store, and the dried shrimp my dad used to feed his exotic fish! Then off to Sam's where we did get Sailor her big girl mattress to go ahead and try out for a while before graduating to her pretty day bed. Joe and I decided to spare all the people having a romantic night out the yelling of Sailor not wanting to sit in her high chair so we cooked at home! Like we don't have enough baby sitters, we really did just want to go home and spend the night with our little one! Anyway, the last time I was pregnant, I really did not crave anything consistently. There was not really anything I wanted and could not have except caffeine. I did get over the caffeine pretty easily and didn't really go back to it after having Sailor so it hasn't been bad this time. Well, Joe turned me on to Sushi a couple of months before finding out this time. All sushi is not raw and I could have some but I just don't feel comfortable eating out somewhere knowing it is all prepared in the same place whether raw or not. So Joe has perfected his "Joe Roll" complete with cucumber, sweet bell pepper, avocado and your choice of grilled shrimp or steak! I am addicted so of course, that was our Valentine's meal! I told Joe if UT keeps making cuts at least he could work at Wasabi's sushi bar! Hope everyone had a great Valentine's!!


Heather Robinette said...

Sailor looks as thrilled in her picture as I probably would have had I been there. Glad she got to go, sorry I missed it, but I did actually enjoy my quiet steak dinner with Bruce at Rafferty's! Thanks for letting the kids tag a long with you, Pop and Nana. I would have probably ended up in the car with Pop!

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Ok, I am cracking up at your post on Chuck E Cheese's! I totally agree that it is a big letdown to the generation who grew up going to Shobiz as a kid. The stage at ours is just pitiful, but Connor is scared of the characters anyway so we usually eat fast and play games until we leave. Glad you had your first experience at that crazy place! Ha! Just think pretty soon you will have two running around in there!

Anonymous said...

That stinks that they have dismembered the band! I would be more upset about the skiball tickets as that is my favorite game too! Sounds like you all had a good time,anyway! oh- and I have got to try some of this sushi!!!