Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Panama City Beach, 2009!!

It is official, our favorite vacation spot is having to change. GrannyFran and Granddaddy finally sold their house in Florida. This year we decided to go a little closer and drive to PCB instead of flying on south. I had not been to Panama City since my Sophomore year in college. Let me just say it has changed, a lot. The little dump I stayed in way back then does not even exist. In it's place are several new high rises. I highly recommend Pier Park, a new shopping and amusement area, to anyone who hasn't been there in a few years. We decided we needed to vacation on a budget this year since this is the first time in a very long time we have had to pay for accommodations. Years ago we rented from a private owner at The Summit, a condo on the beach. Mom and dad called him up and he had the week we wanted available. Aside from the whole condo being flooded the week before we arrived, damp carpet and commercial grade floor fans, we really did have a great time. How is that for luck, a huge high rise with, I would not even begin to count the amount of units, and ours was the only one that flooded right before we arrived. We decided to stick it out and deal with the loud fans since the maintenance man said the carpet should be dry in a few days. It did dry up nicely, however, we started seeing wet spots begin to come back up in front of the hot water heater closet. So long story short maintenance thought they repaired the problem only to find out it was the hot water heater all along. All was well once that was changed out and the owner was kind enough to let us stay a few extra days and offered us a vacation on him in the fall. I'm not sure if we will make that trip with a new born but we will wait and see. Anyway, we had pretty good weather with only one day of rain! Sailor was so good and I must say I was impressed with my nephews who tagged along and were very well behaved, most of the time. Heather and Bruce spent that week in Vegas for their anniversary!! Sailor is learning to swim with just her floaties and is just amazing us. She still loves the sand and ocean and can't wait to go back!

Carousel at Pier Park!

Sailor and Nana in the big pool!

Sailor and Daddy waiting for the Carousel ride!

The fam on the balcony!

Catching a wave!

Walking with daddy!

Lovin some chips and pizza by the pool!

Good sugar!

Yummy ice cream, strawberry, I think!

Ready, SEC, jump!
(this is how Sailor counts it)

Wearing daddy's goggles!

Beach races!

Mommy and Sailor watching the waves at night!

More ice cream, superman, I think!

More ice cream, strawberry again!!

Kids choice, Mellow Mushroom night, Sailor loves some good pizza!

I just could not resist posting this pic of Colton with his flat bill, shutter shades and no those are not bubba teeth!

Sailor with the boys!

Peyton and his friend from Atlanta


Heather Robinette said...

I love the pictures, especially the one of you and Sailor on the beach at night. I cannot quit laughing at the picture of Colton in the Flat Bill! Of course those aren't Bubba teeth, they are chiclets like Dennis the Menace used to repair Mr. Wilson's dentures in the movie!!!

Wadsworth Family- said...

Looks like ya'll had fun! We're going there the 3rd week in July. I haven't been there since college either. I kept telling Jeff how much fun it is, I hope it lives up to my expectations for him...I remember all the places we used to eat at, Captain Andersons, Boar's Head, Pinapple Willies,Hamiltons, Angelo's steak Pit (thesse places might not even be there anymore)....Do you have any reccomendations? Amanda

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! Glad you all liked it there. We are going to Hilton Head this week and have never been... we'll see! Hope you are feeling good!!

Tara said...

I havent been there in years! Looks like you all had a blast! The pictures were great! Nikki I was glad to get a belly shot in there as I have been waiting... You look great! So are you ready for 2?! So excited for you and especially Sailor! The picture of Colton is hilarious!