Saturday, February 23, 2008

Babies, Babies, Babies and more on the way!

Lacy, Kiley, Tara, Sailor and Me

Tara, Connor, Kiley and Lacy

I think Connor is trying to fix Sailor's hair for the pictures!

Sailor was sacked out by the time Casey finished opening presents.

O.K. Kelli, I know you are tired of hearing us. But Sailor is really hoping for a girl!

Maranda, Brody, Sailor and Me

Cole, Kellye, Amanda, Eli ,Me and Sailor

Sailor and Cole

Cole is like, "What did I do"?

Sailor and Kellye

I think Sailor had had enough by this time. "Mom put that camera away and just get me home!"

Sailor and I had a very busy and exciting Saturday morning. We attended Casey and Amanda's baby showers for Drew and Eli. Sailor got to meet so many new friends. Casey's Shower was at the Methodist Church here in Rockwood given by Darby and Lacy and Amanda's was at Sam and Nancy Owings' house in Kingston given by Kellye. You girls all did such a good job. We enjoyed ourselves and wore ourselves out at both. I am sure that most all of the same pictures will be on everyone elses blog. I am excited to see them. Casey and Amanda got so many nice things. I especially liked all of the personalized things. We did not get very much stuff with monograms until Sailor was born because I did not tell her name until my shower. You guys were smart. Cute, Cute stuff!


Bruce and Heather Robinette said...

Looks like y'all had a great time. I am so glad to see that Sailor will have such good friends all close to her age to grow up with. I'm sure lots of memories will be made! Sorry I missed Casey's shower, it would have been fun to watch Sailor meet everyone.

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

It was great to see you all today! And Connor LOVED getting to meet Sailor! He really liked her pretty hair! Your pics are much better than mine, will you email them to me?
Thanks! Love ya!

Lindsey said...

thank you thank you for posting pictures of the showers! i wish i could have been there b/c it looked like yall had so much fun.. and how could you not with that many babies haha!

Jeremy and Lacy said...

It was so great to see you at the shower! Sailor is even more beautiful in person, and much more well behaved than mine! HA! Kiley doesn't go to sleep very well in large groups of people..and Sailor just drifted right off to sleep so sweetly!

The Clifton Family said...

All the babies are so sweet! I can't believe they are all so close in age! You all do everything in a group, huh? ha ha. Congrats on all the "new" additions!