Sunday, February 24, 2008


Joe is very superstitous. This picture is of Sailor during the UT vs Florida football game. I think she was 3 weeks old. After a big loss he said she could not wear her UT stuff for anymore games. Well we proved daddy wrong last night. We watched the game at our friends Kelli and Donnie's house and yes, of course, Sailor was decked out in her UT attire. I did not break out the camera. We did not want to press our luck with daddy as he was already aggrivated about her outfit. I will describe. Cute little blue jeans, her Crayola, "only one crayon in my box" shirt and an inherited Power T bucket hat from Peyton or Colton...we don't remember. Anyway, to say the least, she did look cute and she was very good even through all of the screaming and cheering!

Go VOLS...UT 66 Memphis 62 = UT #1

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Lindsey said...

oh you can never go by superstitions ha! if that was the case i would have to buy new clothes all the time ha! keep that baby in orange :)