Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday...Sailor was a month old on Saturday. It is so hard to believe. Time is flying by. Look how much I've changed!!! Above was today and below was only a few days old!!!

I am working on my eye muscles. They get a little crazy every now and then.
Look at all my toys. I match them.
I am ready for the beach. Too bad mommy won't take me next month to Myrtle Beach with aunt Heather and the fam.


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Happy "one month" Birthday Sailor!!! She has changed a lot and believe me it doesnt stop! I cant believe how big my baby is now, where does the time go? I hope you are doing well! You look great by the way! Are you sure that you had a baby? You dont even have the post pregnant body. I am still trying to get rid of my "pouch" as I call it. I am so sad that I didnt get to see you all on Sunday! Mom said that Sailor was so sweet!

Lindsey said...

gosh time has flown! thank you for letting me hold your sweet girl sunday :) she is precious!!

Tabitha said...

Aww she is too cute!