Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sailor's 1st trip to Pop's camper.

Today Sailor took her first trip to the lake. It was a beautiful day, the weather was great! Pop took us for a ride on the pontoon boat, very slowly, not on Sailor's account that is just his usual speed! Peyton and Colton both got to drive!
Colton has become the little "baby hog". He and Peyton have to flip a coin to see who holds her first.
She is already so spoiled by her aunt Heather, I think Joe and I are going to get paid back for the past 12 years!
Nana's little girl

What a cool new game. LADDER BALL. Joe beat me 20 to 14.
Sailor getting ready for the boat. Infant/Toddler life jacket? A little more Toddler! Anyway it is cute and keeps me safe. Thanks Granny Wanda!!! She has surfed the net for all kinds of special stuff. Joe and Sailor about to board!
Me, Sailor, Colton and Peyton...Of course Colton is holding her.
Today was a great day. The first of many great days at the lake with the fam!


Lindsey said...

it looks like yall had a great time! just imagine this time next year and especially the next she will be LOVING the lake :) I hope i get to see you this sunday at the reunion... it should be a great time!

Bruce and Heather Robinette said...

Isn't that just the perfect picture of Colton...mouth wide open!!! I think Sailor looks the most like you in that particular picture!!!

Jeremy and Lacy said...

How fun...she is so lucky to be surrounded by so many people that love her!! She has already changed so much!!