Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sailor's 1st outings!

Joe, Sailor and I took our first trip, aside from the pediatrician, on Labor day to, of course, the baby store. It went great. I really did not need anything but just to get out of the house. The walls were begining to close in on me. I'm not usually one to stay home but it is really to soon to get her out and about. I thought we would be safe going to the baby store because there are always so many babies and pregnant women, maybe we would blend. We shopped and got a few things. I even got a refund on the stroller because I had a coupon that I forgot to use when I purchased it. I gave it to them with the receipt and they credited me $45.00! We had
Chik-fil-A in the parking lot under a shady tree. Later that night Nana got to baby sit and Joe and I went on a quick boat ride. It just would not have been Labor day without going to the lake even if it was only for an hour.
Our second outing...Winstead's American Grill, a nice new restaurant in Spring City. It was a good time and good food too. The whole fam went. We are so used to getting a table for 8, we had to recount and add1! Sailor did great. She sat in her carrier until I was finished eating my shrimp on the barbie! You can tell from Joe's face his compliance with picture taking is running thin. Anyway, we will definitely go back.

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Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Nikki, I can truly sypathize with you on this one! We had to stay in forever with Connor when he was born because it was December and RSV was running rampid! It definitely feels nice to get back out into "civilization"! I am glad you all are having fun and tell Joe to keep his chin up and smile because there are going to be MANY MANY more pictures to come! As you can tell, Brad isnt in many pictures with Connor either! Ha!