Saturday, September 8, 2007

What a team!!

"When it rains it poors." That's been our motto lately. Sailor and I are already teaming up against daddy. Together we were successful in blowing up the washer in less than a week from coming home from the hospital. We were able the score a brand new set of front loaders! Well it was only a matter of time before my little washer stopped. Mom and dad bought them for me used 7 years ago when I went to school in Memphis. I really don't know how old they actually were. We love the new ones though, we have been busy washing and drying everything, they are really cool.


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Yahoo! Way to go you guys! I just got lucky too when the people asked for our old set with the house. Of course, I said SURE! I have been wanting a new set also since mine was the one I bought when I was at UT! It still works, but is loud as the dickens and doesnt work efficiently at all! We bought the Whirlpool Cabrio, we looked at the Duet also. Happy washing!

Bruce and Heather Robinette said...

OK, so you got the new washer/dryer set, but how's the car repair coming??? Since you got a new washer and dryer, I think you should go for a new vehicle too!