Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Daytona Beach 2008!

I have some catching up to do. It seems like my blogging time just keeps getting less and less. I am loving it though. Sailor is into so much right now and I know it will only get worse! Anyway back to the catching up. I planned to sit down Monday to catch up and how convenient, my Internet was down all day. So two weeks later I am finally posting our latest travel adventure.
We had a wonderful family vacation week before last. My family usually vacations in Venice, Florida at my Grandparents home. They have a house located about 5 minutes from 5 different beaches. We absolutely love Venice and missed going there this year. In January 2007 Heather, my sister, signed me and Joe up for a Time Share offering. We went to Pigeon Forge for my birthday and sat in on the presentation for the time share. We had decided before the presentation that we would not buy anything. Well...a couple of hours later they had offered us a deal we could not refuse. We decided to buy a package that would allow us to go on a cruise or to Hawaii in the next two years. Well...I found out little Sailor was on the way right after we purchased. So long story short. We needed to use this package we purchased within two years and I did not want to go on a cruise or as far away as Hawaii while pregnant or with Sailor being less than a year old. Daytona was the closest beach resort in driving distance available so it was either use it or loose it. We had a great time. We were a little disappointed in the town of Daytona but our resort was really nice! Sailor absolutely loved the pool, lazy river, sand, ocean, you name it. She was a real trooper on the ride too and from. I was a little nervous because she hates her car seat and to ride. We carpooled with Nana and Pop due to soring gas prices. We figured we saved around four hundred dollars this way. She slept a lot on the way down, but played the whole way back even with an added hour to our trip, thanks Nana! Nana had an extended vacation, we met her best friends Pam and Vicki an hour out of the way in Central Florida so Nana could travel on south to Venice for an extra ten days...must be nice!
Sorry for all of the pictures. I had began uploading the pics before I realized how many I was going to post. I really should have made a slide show.

Colton, Sailor and Peyton

me, Sailor and Joe

My precious girl

Lovin the music at Ocean Deck!

Nana and Sailor

I love nature!

Daddy, I get to bury you next!

Yes, we all 3 match, Joe was really embarrassed

Just a little windy!

Me, Sailor and Pop

Pop and Sailor walking on the beach!

Watch out, here I come

Snoozing in my tent, Thanks Granny Wanda!

Posing on the boat bench!

Sailor and her best buddies!

Daddy and Sailor ready for dinner

Ready for the pool!

O.K., who did this to my hair?

I am lovin this place!

Sailor in her Lilly Pad float

Aunt Heather, Sailor and me

This was Joe's favorite part, he loves to have his picture made!


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

I am so glad you put all of those pictures on there, you can never have too many! It looks like Sailor really enjoyed her little self! I only hope Connor likes the water when we go to Disney. I think it is so great that you all go to the beach every year as a family. What great memories you will have!

Owings Family said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! I was going to call you this week if you didn't post because I was getting nervous something was wrong! Looks like a great trip... I can't wait for Eli to be old enough to enjoy the beach. I'm glad that Sailor got an opportunity to wear several of her swimsuits! Tell Joe I noticed all the different ones she was wearing! A girl can't have too many!

The Clifton Family said...

The picture of Sailor sitting in the sand with her chubby legs and adorable hat is my FAVORITE! You have to blow that one up! Glad you guys had fun... vacationing with family always gives you lots of memories!

Casey said...

I loved all the pictures, it looks like ya'll had a great time. I can't wait to start taking some family vacations with Drew!! I know I say this every time, but we really need to get together soon!!