Saturday, May 24, 2008

Congratulations Peyton!

Last weekend Sailor and I traveled to Nashville with Heather, Bruce, Peyton, Colton, Mom and Dad. Peyton was invited to be honored at Vanderbilt because he did so well on the ACT. He is so stinking smart it really amazes me. We had a great weekend. Sailor and I unfortunately did not get to attend the ceremony. Peyton was only allowed 2 guests, however, Sailor and I did have an enjoyable day shopping at Opry Mills. We all celebrated afterwards at the Aquarium restaurant which was wonderful. Joe did not get to go due to a prior obligation, fishing tournament, which I should also congratulate him and Buddy who finished 7th, I think, anyway they did score some cash so that is always nice!

Peyton and Heather before the ceremony

Peyton and Nana!

Sailor loved the fish, she was rubber necking to see them!

The shark reminded me of Jabber Jaws an old cartoon on the Cartoon Express!

Peyton and the Fam!

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Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Didnt you just love the aquarium? We love it there, Connor especially! Congrats to Peyton, that is so awesome!